Detail from Valentine's Day drawing of Red Crowned Cranes dancing together

Valentine’s Day with Red Crowned Cranes

February 13, 2016 10:57 am

Valentine’s Day with Red Crowned Cranes

Happy 2016. Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate this day.

Saint Valentine, a widely known Roman saint associated for hundreds of years with the tradition of courtship and love. As little is known about him, the Roman Catholic Church removed his name from the Roman calendar. But he is still widely celebrated around the world every year on February 14th.

Red Crowned Cranes

It is thought that red crowned cranes reach maturity at three or four years of age. These Cranes establish long-term pair bonds that may last their lifetime. Known for their elegant grace and spectacular courtship dances that help to ascertain and maintain these bonds. The dances are an expression of their commitment to each other and thought to show excitement.

Red-crowned cranes are believed to be a symbol of longevity. They have long played a special part in Japanese mythology.

The red-crowned crane is the largest crane in the world standing 1.5 metre tall and have an enormous wing span of 2.5 metres. In recent years Red Crowned Crane numbers have declined due to urbanisation. Today half the population of Red-crowned cranes in the world make their winter home in the safety of Tsurui’s crane sanctuary. It is a beautiful place where you can experience the cranes’ famous courtship dances. The best time to see the red-crowned cranes is in February.

In this Art Card design I am aiming to capture the elegance and beauty of these birds and this spectacular courtship ritual.

Valentine's Day with Red Crowned Cranes Rosa Doyle Red Crowned Cranes Art Card



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