Six Woodland Animal Cards by Rosa Doyle

Woodland Animal Cards

Series of 6 Woodland Animal Cards with autumnal scenes depicting wildlife native to the UK. Available to buy in my shop

The Woodlands of the UK are home to a broad range of interesting bird and animal life. I have designed a selection of Animal Cards featuring several different species of mammals that live in British woodlands.

My relationship with the natural world is constantly evolving as I learn more about the wildlife that we share The Earth with. I hope to generate more interest in wildlife native to the United Kingdom through these designs with additional trivia on the back of each card.

Badgers in the UK live in underground structures called ‘setts’. They live in groups called ‘clans’. Members of a clan live cooperatively and share the digging and cleaning of their sett.

Red squirrels eat a range of different foods including seeds, buds, flowers, shoots, nuts, berries and fruit. They also eat fungi and insects.

Wood mice can are also known as long-tailed field mice and can inhabit several different habitats. Most commonly found in woodland, rough grassland and gardens.


Woodland Animal Cards in my shop

Details about the cards

  • Printed in the UK
  • FSC certified card
  • Recycled Natural coloured ribbed envelopes
  • Biodegradable wrap made from corn starch