Rosa Doyle Made by Metta T shirt design

Made By Metta

I have designed an image in collaboration with Metta, which illustrates part of the of the Buddha’s enlightenment process. Where hate is transformed into love. The image of weapons hurtling towards the Buddha transforming into flowers that fall at the his feet as offerings.

The design depicts arrows stopping in mid air and becoming red lotus flowers in full bloom. The lotus is a symbol of the enlightened mind and that every being has the capacity to gain enlightenment like every lotus bud submerged in the mud has the potential to break through the surface of the water reaching towards the sun to bloom fully.

Metta is a Parli word which can’t be directly translated but is along the lines of unconditional love for all beings.

Metta is also the name of a right livelihood Buddhist design collective, based in London. They produce made to order apparel for men and women. They use T shirts that are ethically sourced, Fair Wear Foundation certified, and environmentally friendly organic cotton or TENCEL® Lyocell

Making meditation and the Dharma part of your life is a hugely transformative experience. There is nothing like it. It’s better than sex, booze, and drugs, all at once. Life totally changes. We are here to reflect that radical nature of this journey. ” – Metta

For further information about Metta and to view their full range of designs visit their website.

All profits from the sale of this t shirt design go to the London Buddhist centre.