Jungle Cats

These prints are part of an ongoing project. A playful interpretation of our relationship with nature. Our apparent need to attempt to tame other species.

Why some species are more suitable to being domesticated than others and some are more desirable than others. There are more than 25,000 of orchids in the world. But only a tiny selection of these are domesticated to become house plants. Chosen for a number of reasons such as adaptability to different environments or aesthetics.

Domestic Cats are another example of this with pedigrees bred for their unique aesthetic characteristics and particular qualities. Cats still remain primal creatures, miniature versions of tigers, Lions and Leopards. Just observe the prowess in how they walk. Bold and majestic. There is an element of the untamable about them and although they usually will live happily with humans I feel they retain a wildness that is not possible to domesticate.