Rosa Doyle Biophilia Keel Billed Toucan and Venezuelan Rose screen print
Rosa Doyle Biophilia peacock screen print
Title: Peacock
Caption: Peacock
Description: Peacocks are famous for their impressive courtship dance where they spread and raise their iridescent train of feathers to attract a Peahen. It is thought that Peahens choose who they mate with based on the size, quality and colour of the train. Successful Peacocks may amass several mates. Each laying between three and five eggs in a season. Hand - pulled five colour Screen print of a Peacock 50 x 70cm 
Limited edition of 45 2014
Rosa Doyle Biophilia Blue Bird of Paradise screen print
Title: Blue Bird of Paradise
Caption: Blue Bird of Paradise
Description: To impress females, the male Blue Bird of Paradise hangs upside down from a branch, fanning out its wings to display the full extent of its unique colour and long tail feathers in a spectacular display. Hand - pulled three colour Screen print of a Blue Bird of Paradise 50 x 70cm Limited edition of 35 2014
Rosa Doyle Sedna book Iceberg screen printed Illustration
Title: Mandarin Duck
Caption: Mandarin Duck
Description: Mandarin ducks are a monogamous species. Their courtship display is very ritualised and elaborate and includes exaggerated mock preening, mock drinking and shaking. Hand - pulled seven colour Screen print of a Mandarin Duck. Printed in 2014. 50 x 70cm. 
Limited edition of 35


This series of brightly coloured Screen Prints with metallic detailing that depict a variety of exotic birds with interesting courtship rituals. Available to buy in my shop

Biophilia- meaning: the instinctive bond between humans and other living organisms.

This series of boldly colourful Screen Prints is inspired by the courtship rituals and behaviour of exotic birds.

I feel it is important to express the beauty and desirability of these birds through colour and pattern as they themselves often rely on their elaborate appearance to attract a mate and continue their species.

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Details about the Prints

  • Limited Edition Original Screen Prints
  • Printed with water based inks and metallic powder
  •  Printed in London
  • Signed and numbered