Asian Animal Card Set of four cards by Rosa Doyle

Asian Animal Cards

Series of 4 Asian Animal Cards depicting bold and colourful scenes with wildlife from Asia. Available to buy in my shop

The Woodlands of the UK are home to a broad range of interesting bird and animal life. I have designed a selection of Animal Cards featuring several different species of mammals that live in the Continent of Asia.

As my appreciation for nature develops I am learning more about the wildlife that we share this planet with. I hope to promote more interest in wildlife depicted on these card designs with additional captions on the back of each card.

Elephants live with certain rules. Such as, when meeting each other, they expect the other elephant to extend its trunk in greeting. The oldest female Elephant in the herd will often teach young elephants how to act properly.

Peacocks are famous for their impressive courtship dance where they spread and raise their iridescent train of feathers to attract a Peahen. It is thought that Peahens choose who they mate with based on the size, quality and colour of the train.

Kingfishers must eat around 60% of their body weight each day. As they need to have control over a suitable stretch of river they are extremely territorial.

Asian Animal Cards in my shop

Details about the Cards

  • Printed in the UK
  • FSC Certified Card
  • Recycled Natural Kraft Envelopes
  • Biodegradable compostable Wrap Made from Corn Starch