About Rosa

About Rosa – Artist

Born in London in 1987, Rosa Doyle currently lives and works in Hastings, East Sussex.

As a practising Buddhist, vegetarian & sensitive individual, Rosa holds a deep respect for nature and the planet. With an exotic flare, Rosa’s work echoes vibrancy and vitality.

A creative and commercial spark runs in the genes. Rosa’s grandmother was a seamstress and her love of hand crafted textiles was passed to her great aunt who designed and sold her children’s wear brand to major US stores in the 1960-70’s.

Colour is a huge part of Rosa’s work because of its power in nature, working hard to attract attention or similarly ward off unwanted interest. The colourful influence also stems from the diverse mix of her home city London where cultures assimilate and make their mark.

Rosa’s work highlights the correlation of bold colour and tropical landscapes. Rosa lovingly recalls fond memories of her grandmother’s visits to London from Jamaica as she opened her bag filled with home-grown mangoes. Bright colour has been synonymous with the countries Rosa has been drawn to visit including India, South America and Cuba.

In 2017, Rosa had an art residency in Peru, the Amazon jungle remains a clear influence in her work. Rosa learnt about natural pigments, creating her own watercolour paints for her art.

“I enjoy using a palette of bright, bold happy colours.” The result is a collection of wildlife that sits confidently in their landscapes with simple yet strong effect.

Rosa uses a range of media to create her work. Using watercolour paint her work produces a more natural result. Printmaking and the digital work have a more simplistic characteristic that adds a new strength to the subject.

The personality of Rosa’s work is brought alive through her meditation practise called Metta Bhavana, the essence of which spreads well-being, kindness and a sense of the now. This spiritual influence supports her respect and observation in nature, from her confident use of colour to an underlying defiant stature in the poses of her subjects.