About Rosa

About Rosa – Artist and Designer

I am an Artist and Designer working within the mediums of Screen Print, Linocut Print, Painting and Textile Art. I graduated from Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration. My ideas stem from a variety of sources including: natural history, collected ephemera, literature, and narrative. The work has a bold and graphic aesthetic with a focus on patterns found in nature. The work is fun and playful by nature with openness to experimenting with materials.

Creative practice enables me to play with the beauty I see in the world, exploring our relationship with nature and each other. I aspire to produce work that is attractive and vibrant and subtly highlights themes of conservation and respect for the earth. Aiming to share my appreciation of the diversity and complexity of the natural world and to encourage this interest in others.

Animal Card printing: I work with a British based commercial printer who source their materials sustainably comply with sustainable methods of production. This type of printing allows the freedom to use a wider range of colours and the use of much finer detail. This makes perfect sense to me for my Animal Cards.

Screen Printing: The screen printing process appeals to me because it enables the use of rich colours and smooth glossy finish can be achieved. The limitations are also part of what makes it an exciting process. For example: colour restrictions can result in punchy limited palettes and overlaying translucent inks create additional colours.

Linocut Printing: More recently I have started to explore relief printing in the form of linocut. I’ve found this process to be a really exciting way of expressing ideas. The process is encouraging me to explore a new range of marks and textures. I am very excited by this method of producing prints as it offers something very different to my approach to screen-printing.

Painting: Painting offers something different to my way of expressing ideas and my visual style of image making. I have recently started to experiment with combining watercolour with more traditional pigments and other materials foraged from nature. I like the idea of using more traditional materials alongside those which are more unexpected.

Textile Art: Inspired by my family’s craft heritage working with fabric, I create textile Art. I find this way of producing three-dimensional artworks compliments and feeds my other creative practices. As there is a vast breath of techniques and surface textures, shapes and patterns to play with.